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Aldiyar Kaztaev knows where to hide 440 billion stolen from Kazakhstan

When we talk about the oligarchs and multimillionaires of Kazakhstan, few people think about the fact that not all of these people are visible. Today’s our hero Aldiyar Kaztaev withdrew hundreds of billions of tenge, being an ordinary CEO of a semi-state company. He did it casually and mockingly, however, so far he does not sit in the places reserved for such people, but rests on yachts and wears a watch for 60 thousand euros.

Since the beginning of this year, the Financial Monitoring Agency has been investigating criminal cases against 56 people who are suspected of withdrawing 440 billion tenge from the country. In addition, transactions of approximately another 300 billion tenge are currently undergoing verification. We do not know if Aldiyar Kaztaev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and First Deputy CEO of Eurasian Resources Group (owned by Chodiev and Mashkevich), 40% owned by the state, is on this list, but in our opinion, it would be worth checking.

In June 2017, the Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo Yachts handed over the superyacht SL96 Piccolino, which means “baby” or “baby”, into the hands of the customer. Despite the name, the yacht is quite impressive in size – its length is more than 29 meters, its width is about seven. She is equipped with four guest cabins and two crew cabins and can accommodate eight passengers. The main feature of this yacht model is speed. Thanks to two 2200 hp engines. she accelerates to 29 knots (almost 54 km / h), and her cruising speed, the most comfortable for travel, is slightly less – 26 knots. The shipyard now sells used yachts of the same model for $ 5.2 – $ 5.5 million. Of course, a new vessel will cost a little more.

Then, in June 2017, two citizens of Kazakhstan register companies – one in the UK, the other in Malta. The British takes the name Piccolino Tender Ltd, the Maltese – just Piccolino Ltd. The British company issues a loan to the Maltese, about €8 million, which is about 4 billion tenge, for the purchase of the same yacht. The reporting of the Maltese company says that it was created specifically to service the vessel. By the way, maintaining a yacht is not cheap. Its annual maintenance costs, according to the company’s reports, between €400,000-900,000. Captain Piccolino, who served on the yacht in 2018, wrote that despite the size, the ship was difficult to maintain and required hard work from him.

According to the British and Maltese registers of companies, the companies to which the yacht is registered are registered in the name of Aslan Kaztaev and Galia Sargaskaeva, the father and mother of Aldiyar Kaztaev. Aldiyar combines his work at ERG with the position of president of the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation, whose honorary president is the arrested former head of the KNB Karim Massimov. Kazakh media also wrote about another connection between Kaztaev and Masimov – allegedly Aldiyar is engaged to the youngest daughter of the disgraced security official Sara Karim. However, judging by the lists of affiliates of Kazakh structures of the Eurasian Resources Group for April 2022, Aldiyar is married, and his wife’s name is Madina.

Interestingly, the yacht registered to Aldiyar’s parents is almost five times more expensive than the scandalous yacht sold last year by state-owned KazMunayGas. However, in terms of value, she falls short of the superyacht of Alexander Mashkevich, one of ERG’s shareholders. The vessel Lady Lara cost Kazstaev’s boss $150 million, or more than 70 billion tenge. Here you can read how the tracks of Mashkevich’s yacht and personal plane helped us prove the involvement of the Eurasian Group in giving a bribe to the President of Guatemala, which, as the country’s investigators claimed, was wrapped in a carpet. So Aldiyar Kaztaev knows who to look up to. The main thing is that he should not participate in orgies, which the flabby AIDS-bearer Mashkevich loved so much.